23g coffee ground coarse

23g coffee ground coarse...

Heat water to 205 degrees. Pour over grounds and let bloom 40 seconds with 60-70 grams of water. Pour the remainder of water with the ultimate end total being 350 grams. 

My mornings are made brighter by these simple instructions that my sweet husband gave to me. He is the roaster and he knows these things. We sit together and talk about our day; and our goals; and we say silly things that make us both giggle. Sometimes one, or perhaps both, of us are grumpy and the words are more sharp. But still we drink the coffee and spend the time. He's the other part of me, like my shadow, or my hands. Sometimes he leads the way, and sometimes I lead the way, and sometimes we walk side by side. But our days always start the same, with 23 grams of coarsely ground and freshly roasted coffee beans. Water heated precisely to 205 degrees, pour and bloom. Sip and talk. 

Sereta Wilson