And the Roast is History

We woke up in a tent in Silverton Colorado, at the base of the mountain and just to the right of the Animas River. We stood up and stretched, and put our boots on and did what every person roughing it in the mountains would do…. Ventured into town to find a good cup of coffee. As is true in many mountain towns, people they come and they go. This means they sell their business and move on. The coffee shop in town was indeed for sell. Rob Wilson and I mused about what our next life could be like as coffee shop owners in a mountain town. Or in any town. Being veterans of launching a business or two, we got a little excited at this prospect. But after much consideration we both decided that we love our farm, and our home in the heartland. We love the Oklahoma vibe, and we love our community. But why not explore what we also love about coffee, but in our town.

That was about two years ago. The journey took us through several exploratory processes. We did our due diligence and considered our options. Rob had spent most of his life working in an industry he didn’t fundamentally believe in, and as a team we decided it was time for him to do what he loves and is passionate about. He embarked upon a spiritual journey that this wife believes every human soul should experience. If there is a thing that you want to do, or if there is a thing that you are stuck doing that you know you don’t want to do. You should spend your time finding a way to make your life what you want it to be. Rob vigorously explored his options.

He set out on a cross country tour of coffee shops and roasters, as well as national parks and camp grounds. It was his walk about, his time to get to know him, and really be honest with who he is and what he wants. He came home with a formal (and informal) coffee education and a plan.

The plan is this, Rob Wilson’s passion is to roast coffee beans. He wants to utilize the massive space we have on the farm to handle the operation. The past six months has been an exercise in patience, and fortitude. But, he has handled every aspect of the build out of his roaster beautifully. He took a dream and launched a lifestyle change for us both. We have grown closer to each other and to our farm, and our community, as we work toward this wonderful project. We have visions of sharing our farm with folks as we teach them the nuances of coffee roasting and flavor catching. As a wife and partner, I have enjoyed watching my husband light up and be fulfilled by making his dream come true.

We appreciate that our community has become excited for us, and the wonderful coffee we will roast. We are so happy you are coming along for the ride. Hang on baby this is going to be so much fun.

Sereta Wilson and Roaster Rob!

Dane Heins