12 oz. bag.


In partnership with the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Rob has created a special, limited roast inspired by one of the museum’s most well-known paintings, Portrait of Alexander Reid by Vincent van Gogh. Portrait of Robert Wilson is a dark roasted Brazil Mogiana that represents everything Rob loves in a great coffee. It has a thicker body and low acidity with a chocolatey tone, and the coffee retains a small hint of soft fruit as the cup cools.


Enjoy this coffee while you participate in the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art's Coffee with the Collection program. Coffee with the Collection is an online series that invites the audience to an engaging and light-hearted conversation about artwork in the museum’s permanent collection, oftentimes from a unique and unexpected perspective.


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Portrait of Robert Wilson Brazil Mogiana

  • We recommend choosing whole bean coffee and using a grinder at home for the freshest experience. We are also happy to grind your coffee for you to size of grind that best suits your coffee making method. If you would like your coffee ground but are unsure how it will be brewed, we recommend choosing “drip”, which is a medium grind suitable for brewing in any standard coffee maker.