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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Yellow Dog located?

Yellow Dog is open for business at 222 S. Porter Ave., Norman, OK, 73071. We also have a drive-thru coffee stand at 1230 Alameda St. in Norman.

Who makes Yellow Dog coffee?

Our coffee is roasted locally by owner, Rob Wilson and his roasting team. Every bean sold is also packaged in house.

Are there any locations in Norman that sell Yellow Dog Coffee?

Yes, you can find our coffee blends at Stash, Sooner Pharmacy, Scratch and Cool Beans. Just look for the Yellow Dog logo.

Can I purchase coffee online?

Yes, you can purchase any Yellow Dog product online at our website If you are local to Norman, the coffee may then be delivered right to you. Shipping is available outside of Norman.

Where do you buy your coffee?

We are very proud to buy our beans from small Co-op farms located in Ethiopia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Mexico to name a few.

Does the Yellow Dog have an agenda?

Yes, with every bag of coffee sold a percentage goes to saving local dogs from Norman shelters.

Do you recycle?

Yes, we do! Yellow Dog Coffee is committed to environmentally friendly business practices.  

Do you sell merchandise?

Yes, you can purchase things like Yellow Dog coffee mugs, T-shirts, hats, sample packs and gift baskets on the Yellow Dog website. These items (excluding gift baskets) can then be shipped to you.

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