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Thank you for your interest in Yellow Dog Coffee Company's Community Fundraising Program!


We know how important fundraisers are to organizations in our community, and we crafted this program to provide schools, sports clubs, and other non-profits a no-cost way to meet your goals and fund your programs.

Since 2017, we have been hand-roasting and delivering single origin coffee in the heart of Norman, and we are still here because of our community's support, so we want to give back to the organizations that strengthen our community.

We're looking forward to working with you!

The Process

1. Get Started

Fill out our Fundraising Contact Form and Lilly will get in touch with you to discuss your campaign. Select pick up date, and discuss any custom artwork needs.

2.  Timeline

Refer to the processing time windows to identify your organization's fundraising window. We suggest limiting the fundraiser to 2 or 3 weeks. If you are creating your own label, please add any extra time needed for design.

3. Choose Products

Choose up to 3 coffees to offer in your fundraiser, which can include one custom roast. We can offer all coffees in whole bean or ground for regular drip coffee pots.

4. Distribute Forms

Distribute copies of the order form to volunteers/students/organization members who will be fundraising.

You will receive a web address for your organization’s fundraising page on the Yellow Dog Coffee Company website. Share this URL far and wide. Keep in mind that shipping and delivery is your organization’s responsibility, unless previous arrangements have been made with YDC.

5. Fundraise

Money must be collected as orders are taken. Checks should be made out to the fundraising organization. Order forms should be turned back in to the fundraising organizer just after the end of the fundraiser date. Calculate whole bean and ground coffee orders separately.

6.  Place Final Order

Call or email Lilly to place final order, ensuring minimum order for custom roasts, and plan for payment by cash, check, or credit card.

7. Pickup

Make final pick up arrangements, provide payment at pick up, and distribute products back to volunteers to pass out to customers. Delivery is available for a fee. Please discuss with Lilly separately.

8.  Give us Feedback

Let us know how it went! We are always interested in tweaking this program to better suit the needs of organizations that rely on fundraising. We welcome your thoughts.


Yellow Dog Coffee Company will calculate the difference between online orders and in-person orders at the time of payment for your final order. 


Organizations are responsible for delivery or shipping of online orders unless other delivery arrangements have been made with YDC.

Coffee Choices

Mexico medium roast bag of coffee beans

Mexico Medium Roast

Taste notes: raisin, walnut, cocoa. A full-bodied but medium Mexico roast to satisfy any coffee lover!

Nicaragua Dark Roast bag of coffee beans

Nicaragua Dark Roast

Taste notes: dried fruit, toffee. A deep, bold coffee with a smooth after-taste.

Brazil Light Roast bag of coffee beans

Brazil Light Roast

Taste notes: molasses, cocoa powder. A light roast for lighter tastes, bright and smooth!

Mexico Decaf Medium Roast bag of coffee beans

Mexico Decaf Medium Roast

Mountain water processed.

YOUR CUSTOM ROAST bag of coffee beans

Your Custom Roast

Customize a blend or just a label on one of our other offerings to drive and encourage sales! Beans can be roasted light, medium, or dark based on your preference.

coffee choices

Fundraising Tips


Fundraiser bags are priced at $20 to maximize profit for the organization while keeping prices realistic for customers. The custom artwork on your bags encourages your customers to support your organization.

Announce in Advance

Give the community advanced notice that the fundraiser is coming up! Social media blasts, email newsletters, and text messages all help keep your potential customers engaged and excited to buy.

Set Volunteer Goals

Establish clear goals for volunteers (such as 10 bags per person), convey proper ordering instructions, and offer lots of encouragement throughout in order to make your fundraiser as successful as possible.


Run your fundraiser for the timeframe established with us when setting up the fundraiser. Following the fundraiser, please allow the required processing time to fulfill your order, and an extra few days to sort your items before distributing.


Energetically advertise your fundraiser to the community through announcements on traditional and social media, and through your organization's typical communication. If people don't know, they won't buy! We will also reshare one fundraising post per effort to help increase your audience.

Motivate Your Team

The better your team understands the fundraiser, the more successful it will be. Clearly explain the process and the coffees for sale. Provide small incentives to keep volunteers motivated. Be appreciative of your team's work. Create a friendly competition among your volunteers to encourage sales.


The more successful your fundraiser, the more you will have to distribute! Consider turning the sorting into an appreciation event for your volunteers to help make the process more fun.


Processing Times

What's the Date?

In order to meet all parties' expectations, we request that you choose the most important date to you - either the distribution date of purchased coffee, or the raising of funds (the fundraiser window). That allows us to work with you to set a fundraiser window that works for your needs.

Processing Times

We require 3 weeks from the date the final order is placed to secure and custom roast your coffee to ensure maximum freshness.

Labeling Decisions

If you choose to design your own label, the final label design must be sent to us along with the final order forms. Any additional editing of the label after the order forms are submitted may delay the delivery of the final coffee bags.

Holiday Considerations

Keep major holidays in mind when setting your fundraiser date. Holidays are excellent times to fundraise. We reserve the right to add additional processing time during the holidays to account for shipping delays and higher processing volumes.

Set Your Fundraiser

Once you have your date of importance, select a window for your fundraiser. Because you keep your raised funds immediately, set a fundraising window that allows you to generate funds when you need it most.


Customizing Your Fundraiser

Option #1: Create your own label

Though most customers prefer the brand recognition of our standard label, these fundraisers are about YOU and your label can be too.


If you choose to create your own label, please see our minimal custom label requirements here.

Option #2: Your Coffee Name, Our Label

Create your own coffee name for printing on a custom Yellow Dog Coffee label. When you sign the fundraiser agreement, include the name (with exact spelling), and we will design and print custom labels for your bags.

YOUR LABEL bag of coffee beans
Brazil Light Roast bag of coffee beans
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